What is "Pé no Chão" - Rogerio Araujo

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The "Associação Ecocultural Pé no Chão" (Foot on the Ground Ecological Association) is a pioneer in Belo Horizonte promoting ecological walking and trekking. In the year 1991, young adventurers, nature lovers, sought the mountains, the waterfalls, the woods, the trails, through long walks and using precarious means.

I joined "Pé no Chão" in the year 2010, but only from 2012 I started to develop photography, improving whenever possible. To honor the group of friends of Pé in Chão, I selected the images that I like the most to display on my SmugMug website.

If you come to Minas Gerais and if you like ecological adventures, join the "Pé"!